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How long will it take to have my custom paint work done?

Turn around time is generally 3 - 4 weeks, although very intricate designs may take longer. This does not include shipping time. Depending on your method of shipment, add anywhere from 1 to 10 days more.

What type of paints do you use?

We use House of Kolor, Valspar and PPG products.

I'm not sure about what colors I'd like to use. Any suggestions?

Visit your local auto body supply store. You can look at their color chip books. If you find a color you like, get the color code from the chart. If you want a "candy" paint, look at the House of Kolor chart. If you are still not sure, we will be happy to make some suggestions based on your design.

Can you paint graphics over my existing paint?

Yes, as long as your existing paint is in perfect condition and there are no decals or pinstripes underneath the clear. We will wet sand the parts, paint the graphics and re-clear the parts.

If I buy one of your Ready-To-Ship sets, do I have to exchange my sheet metal?

You can keep your old sheet metal or trade it in for a discounted price on our Ready-To-Ship sets.

How much of a discount do I get if I trade in my sheet metal?

Depending on the parts being traded in, the discount will be between $300 and $600 for a complete set.

How much will my paint job cost?

There are many variables in pricing a custom paint job. What parts need to be painted, what type of paint you want, what type of graphics or artwork you want, etc... The average custom paint job will cost between $1,500 and $3,500 for tank(s) and front and rear fenders (motorcycles only). For a more exact quote, fill out and submit the On-Line Estimate form.

What parts do I need to get a custom paint job?

We can paint your stock parts, aftermarket parts that you supply, you can buy one of our Ready-To-Ship custom painted sets, or you can buy one of our paint packages which includes new fenders and tank(s) painted to your specifications.

Is bodywork included in the price of the paint job?

We normally expect some bodywork. Body work to repair minor scratches and small dents are expected and included in the price of the paint job. Large dents and bent fenders will incur an extra charge for body work.

Can I do my own bodywork?

No! We will not accept anyone else's bodywork. Any work that has already been done will be stripped off and redone. This is the only way we can guarantee the quality of the work from raw metal to the final clear coat.

Do you mold frames before painting?

We can mold your frame to hide the welds and give a smoother finish. The typical cost for molding a frame is about $500.

Can you do a design I provide?

We can work with a design you provide, with an idea that you have or with one of our own designs. Our artists will be happy to work with you on your design ideas.



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